Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pleasure starts at Magnum Cafe

Magnum Manila is located at SM Aura, 5th floor Sky Park. It was easy to locate since there's a long line of customers in front of the cafe. When we were there, there are two lines, one for Make your own Magnum, which moves fast, and the other one is for customers who would like to order the plated Magnum desserts.

NOTE: Table and chairs are only for people who will order the plated ones, so if you're there for Make you own Magnum, you cannot sit in the dinning area.

As for me, my only agenda for that day is to make my own Magnum which cost me a hundred. The cafe really looks good. And just to remind you, it will only open for a year, so grab and create your own magnum now before its too late. 

While in the line, you can already see the toppings for your ice cream, so yummy.

So here's a guide on how to make your very own Magnum. 
  1. Pay first Php 100.00 to the cashier
  2. Selece which flavor of ice cream bar you want. (Chocolate or Vanilla)
  3. Select your Magnum chocolate coating. (Yellow-milk chocolate, Brown-white chocolate, Dark brown- dark chocolate)

     4. Pick three toppings. There's a lot to choose from, i can only remember few like choco chip                            cookies, gold nuggets, freezer dried raspberries, dried mangoes, honey comb, yogurt nibs, chocolate            crunch balls, double speculoos cookies , roasted pistachios, roasted almonds, crushed oreos, sea salt            flakes, grape nerds, quezo de bola shavings etc.

   5. Select your chosen drizzle, which will be place across your magnum bar, above the toppings. (Milk,              White, Dark chocolate, Vanilla ) 

meet my pleasure maker
So here's mine: 

Vanilla Magnum bar, with White chocolate coating. Vanilla drizzle
Toppings: gold nuggets, freezer dried raspberries, & double speculoos cookies 

Vanilla Magnum bar, with White chocolate coating.
Toppings : gold nuggets, chocolate crunch balls, fried almond 

Overall, i love the place, the ambiance is relaxing (except if the people in line are quite noisy) and it is indeed luxurious looking. The coating and drizzle area were a bit messy that time because of the drippings of chocolates. Pleasure makers were really friendly, smiles on, and accommodating. I would definitely like to come back to taste the plated ones. 

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