Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fan of Burgers?

Looking for a place to eat really loaded and delicious burgers?Build up your appetite for premium beef burgers in special sauces, juicy chicken, shaker fries, and fun coffee drinks and shakes.Stacker Burger has it all! 
Burgers were sorted into three categories: 
Classic (Php 100-150) Their all time burgers which usually have cheese, and patties
Light weight (Php 120-150) Tasty chicken or fishes in between, with creamy special sauces 
Premiums (Php 195-300) Contain premium beefs, you can have it double or single. loads of bacon, cheese, special sauces, etc.

photos from Stackers Burger Cafe
My friends and I ate Jack burger Single, with Root Beer float at Eastwood. It was really delicious. Really love the bacon in it with tasty wish-I-knew-how-they-made-it sauce. The beef really fulfilled my tummy. After eating a single burger, it felt like I ate rice. I am actually full after, I cannot eat anymore. And hey, i do not eat veggies and this contain one, but surprisingly, i didn't bother.  

photo from my friend, jen

Jack burger (left)
More of their Menu


  1. you na..:)
    want to try it..pero can't find a place na madaling puntahan.. tsaka yung kaya kong mag-isa..XD

  2. Eastwood! Pag gabi, kaya lang malayo kasi sa inyo east eh.. Want mo tlga mag isa?