Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Floral Crown

My cousin is about to have her wedding this coming end of June and I personally suggested to have floral crowns for the bridesmaids and flower girls. Buying ready made floral crowns is more expensive than making it so we decided to do it by ourselves. 

What we used:
Floral Tape/ Masking Tape
Floral Wire/ Wire

First, the flowers. The color theme was blue so we ended up with these 

Next, Floral wire. 
It is basically a wire with little circles around it, which happened to be Styrofoams

Simply shape the wire into circle. 
Estimate how big or small it should be by trying it to your head to make some adjustments like this

My very own circle wire! Haha okay that is not a circle.
Kidding aside, if you want to make better than mine, 
you can use containers merely as same size of your head and trace your wire there.

Attach the flowers to the wire by curling the flower stems.
The firmer the better. Try to hide all the curls behind the flower.
I purposely show off that one for you to see the stem.

 Put more flowers. Try to be creative in matching and arranging them. It is really up to you. 
If you're going to cover all the wire with flowers, the next steps are not really necessary.  
But for us, we decided not to put flowers at the back

Hide unavoidable curls like this, (this is the curl when we made the circle wire)..

Use the floral tape. It really looks like masking tape but its not.
Their difference? Well, the floral tape is more like a sticky cloth. 
Unlike masking tape, you cannot tear it up so easily. 
And it is really for making floral crowns. 

But still, you can use masking tape if you want to.
Start covering up those curls. This is how it should look like.

and we're done!

Other arrangements we made:


  1. I especially enjoy seeing flowers from other areas... Just gorgeous.

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  2. Hi! Just wanted to ask where were you able to get the materials?:) Specifically the floral tape and the flowers. Thanks!

    1. Bought it in divisoria, in one store.

    2. hi po ask ko lang po san banda sa divisoria nyo nabili ang materials? sa tabora po ba?

  3. hi! pwede po bang electrical tape? thank you!

    1. Hi Vikky, actually depende talaga sa gagawa, as long as hindi makikita.

  4. Saan pong gawi sa divisoria, sa Ilaya po ba? or what? Khit di po mismo yung store kung saang side lang po :)