Thursday, June 13, 2013

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

I just have to blog about this dahil sobrang nakarelate ako sa sinabi ni Michelle. Michelle Phan is someone I look forward to. She's very down to earth, Asian, loves her family so much, you can see her personality in her videos, loves make up, pretty in her own ways, good in drawing and she have a hot boyfriend! Haha. She became popular by posting make-up tutorials on YouTube until popular cosmetic lines start sponsoring her, but hey, this blog post is not entirely about her. If you want to know more about her, watch her Draw My Life here:

Introvert and Extrovert are types of Personality

Introvert individuals are those who like their alone time. They like to be accompanied with few people, those they think are trustworthy enough. They are less social, most of the time, quiet. Loves to do their activities indoor, do not like attention, and devoid enthusiasm to others. Very conscious on how they will act, speak, and look, for short they have more interest in their own psyche.

While Extrovert is the total opposite of introvert. They are mostly outgoing, energetic, and easy go lucky. They love participating in various social activities and they are very comfortable talking to others. They are really active, lively and friendly. Their strong personality easily influence others. They have that confidence and capable of leading groups.

Describing introvert is like describing myself. I'm funny to my siblings, parents and cousins, but to my friends? Maybe sometimes, or not at all. I lack that capability of bringing up something to talk to, but if I did, maybe I thought of that many times while I'm alone. Or I'm completely just listening, more of the observer type. I love reading books, very clingy, and when we are really close, i tend to be really affectionate, let just say, I value my love ones so much. Some people find it so gay, but that's how it works for me. I also have some of Extroverts characteristic.

If you guys are like me, then do not worry because its natural. It is difficult to find a person who has singular characteristic. There is actually another type of personality called Ambivert wherein you possess both of introvert and extrovert characteristics.

In this video, recording artist Marie Digby, Kinna Grannis with Michelle Phan, Andrea Brooks and Rachel Talbott share what they think their personality is. Maybe you'll discover yours here, or you'll find yourself like one of them.

Let me just share my favorite part where I can really relate at:
"Some people may say oh you are being fake, you're not being yourself, but for me, No! I'm actually going out of my ways to make other people feel more comfortable by kind of ganging the environment and kind of blending in with the people. I do not know, people have different perspective." -Michelle Phan

I guess we're just in the same boat there Michelle.
Love lots

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