Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Conjuring Movie Review

The movie is actually based on the true files of paranormal investigators/researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren. The couple investigated and documented thousand of cases throughout the world and witnessed a lot of unusual things including the "The AmityVille Horror" and "The Haunting in Connecticut".

The story concentrated on what Warrens believe to be their most terrifying case, happened 1971 in Harrisville, Rhode Island which involves the Perron family. The family got to move in a new house bought at auction that seems to be a good deal...at first. What they do not know is the history that lies there.

No spoiler included


Right after watching the trailer, I've decided to watch it.


Haven't seen a great horror movie lately? This will surely do the trick! It's really hard to watch this alone, though I survive. The fact that this is base on true event, and I really do not believe in this kind of things, after watching the movie, i'm pretty convince. Even though i like watching horror movies, I really do not know Ed and Lorraine. But this movie made me want to read more about them and know more of their cases. Compare to The Haunting in Connecticut, i prefer this one. Although both of them have house issues, if you know what i mean. I like this more because I've seen things I never saw to other horror movies. How it was directed was really great, one of a kind. Defines the true meaning of horror/scary movies, not because of the blood, the creepy killers, nor the place but the story itself. I think the cast did well, the intensity of love between the couple Warrens is very visible, admirable actually. How they want to accomplish their work together, its very inspiring and at the same time, romantic. Haha. After watching the movie, believe me, you'll be intrigue who were the Warrens, how they do their stuffs, and what they have already accomplished.  

By the way, I've seen comments of some fans that there will be another two movies about Warrens case files,  i'll definitely watch it!

Will I recommend this?
Of course!A must. Its really amazing. Watch it, and share your thoughts with me in the comment box. I have this thing about the 3:00A.M. but I think i'll make another post about that. Not convince yet? Check this out.
"A worthy successor to The Exorcist" -@kidshawcomics
"You'll scream your head off" -Rolling Stone
"Terrifying and scary as hell" - The Seattle Times
"The Conjuring sets the record for the biggest opening for an original Rrated Horror movie"  -The Conjuring Official Facebook


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