Saturday, October 12, 2013

Moy Kebab ( Persian Cuisine )

If you were to find me, you could probably see me here or in jco. I've been a suki here for the past three months I guess. And I always forgot to post about it here, so finally..

It is located beside a subdivision near the Pasig City Police Headquarters almost at the front of Evergreen Chapel, along C. Raymundo Avenue. The place is just fine. Wifi zone and fully air conditioned.

Their rice meals are already accompanied with bottomless iced tea. We always order for Chicken Moy, I mean, A L W A Y S. Once I tried their Beef biryani, but its too spicy for me, my lips felt numb after, and drank more tea than the dish itself. But I still recommend it to those who love their food with different spices.

Chicken Moy is a grilled chicken with special marinade on. It may look typical but it taste really delicious especially if you put those special sauce on it. There are two kind of sauce, the spicy one and the just plain sauce. I like mine with both of it with salt and pepper.

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